“Extra-Dependent Teams: Realising the Power of Similarity” by D. Kesby

A book review and an exploration of its meaning in practice

Extra-Dependent Teams Book Cover image croppedHaving met and worked with David Kesby on a number of occasions, I was intrigued when he said he was publishing this book, so it was eagerly awaited and keenly anticipated by me! My expectations have been well met by this book which challenges the conventional wisdom that “the answer is always to team”, and provides a credible alternative approach which is well researched and explored (both in theory and practice).

In this review, we discuss briefly what the book is about, and suggest how it may be helpful for different people. We then go on to describe how we see our experience of developing our own team, the Coaches’ Lens, in a new and different light as a result of our greater understanding of Extra-Dependent teams. Continue reading ““Extra-Dependent Teams: Realising the Power of Similarity” by D. Kesby”

Genograms: Combining Structure & Creativity

Genograms post pictureGenograms are a systemic tool used to build self awareness and development.  Much like a family tree, genograms provide a structured, formalised and rule based diagram to enable individuals to explore themselves in the context of their family system.  In this Q&A session, Sybille and Jasmine explore how genograms can be utilised by coaches as an awareness and creative tool for self development. They provide their own unique lens to this discussion based on their experiences of either creating their own genogram or exploring its use in coaching sessions.

Continue reading “Genograms: Combining Structure & Creativity”